Kettle Korn Fundraising

Kettle popcorn is an amazing fund raising tool.  Help us purchase our own Kettle Korn Mobile Unit…which in turn will aid us in our mission of feeding children

It requires a lot of money to educate and supply what’s required to grow community gardens and supply fresh nutritional vegetables to the needy and hungry children. The education, demonstration, supplies and supervision that guarantees success adds up fast. There are community gardens already in existence; however it will take many more on a grand scale to eradicate hunger in America…and around the world.  That’s why we created our own partial funding source through the Kettle Korn Mobile Store, to provide pertetual funding to help fund our mission.

Farming For Humanity management, and many of its employees, have first hand experience in this operation, having operated the Ye Olde Kettle Korn mobile store for fund raising at several outdoor events.  The unit is simple to operate, and produces exquisitely delicious popcorn in very popular “kettle popped” flavors; at an 80% to 90% profit range. 

The Ye Olde Kettle Cooker management team are great people to work with, and they will be there for us. They have an exemplary reputation of exceptional quality, safety features, customer service and end product production; along with their development of proven taste-tested flavors.    In conjunction with their cookers and extremely popular flavors, they will engineer, train, supervise, design and manufacture our kettle popcorn mobile store; as well as provide the layout of a permanent kettle popcorn store, at no additional costs to us.

Popcorn is the No. 1 snack food in the U.S. and has been since the early 1900’s. Kettle Korn originated in Germany in the 1800’s when popcorn was cooked in a large black iron kettle over an open fire in the fire place, while adding sugar during the popping.  Kettle Korn (aka Kettle Corn or Kettle Popcorn) was introduced to the U.S.  in the early 1990’s and has become a top seller; an extremely popular item at amusement parks, fairs, arts & crafts shows and all types of outdoor events.

Our Kettle Korn Mobile Store and delivery system offers the following Kettle popped flavors: Kettle Korn, Kettle Caramel Korn, Kettle Butter Korn, Kettle Cheddar Korn, Kettle White Cheddar Korn, Kettle Drizzled Chocolate Korn; along with Kettle Pork Rinds, Kettle Bacon Puffs and Kettle Coated nuts.

All sales and donations, less cost of goods sold and general store expenses are used to fund Farming for Humanity operations in the local area where the mobile unit is operating; whereas local sales help the local community in establishing local community gardens; helping eradicate hunger at home in that community.

Charities like Habitat for Humanity are adding their own perpetual funding sources to help offset the growing cost of their mission to build homes.  In choosing an appropriate funding source, a charity should conduct research to choose one that is popular, proven successful and has excellent above average profit margins.  Habitat for Humanity chose home improvement center type stores that compliment their charitable work of building houses.  Likewise, there’s no question that Girl Scout Cookies plays a huge role in supporting the Girl Scouts on both the local and national level. 

Farming for Humanity chose the insanely profitable snack food business; because it “is” highly profitable, extremely popular, proven successful, and easy to operate; providing an excellent return on investment as a “perpetual funding source”.


Popcorn – America’s Favorite Snack Food

Did you know?

  • Popcorn consumption is over 5,000 years old
  • Popcorn is the world’s number ‘one’ selling snack food
  • Salty snacks are a $90 billion per year market
  • Companies spend $15.3 billion dollars per year on snacks delivered to their offices
  • Private home parties spend $33.4 billion per year on snack foods
  • American consumes 18 ½  billion quarts of popcorn a year
  • Salty snack food sales are up 30% in 3 years; averaging 7% to 10% yearly growth
  • 99 out of 100 people enjoy popcorn

The Ye Olde Kettle Corn Cooker®

The award winning Ye Olde Kettle Corn Cooker® started the kettle Korn craze some 20+ year ago. The manufactures background, engineering experience, success, and marketing success, are a high priority in our choice of an equipment package, and the supplier of that equipment.

The Ye Olde Kettle Corn cookers are in locations around the world; including major Amusement Theme parks such as Silver Dollar City, in Branson, Missouri; Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania; and Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England.       

The Ye Olde Kettle Corn Cooker’s high productive output of “melt in your mouth” kettle korn,  is setting sales records of $2000 to $4000+ per day, at a very lucrative 80% to 90%profit.

Ye Olde Kettle Korn® Mobile Stores produce all the popular flavours; such as Kettle Korn, Kettle Caramel Korn, Kettle Cheese Korn, and Kettle Chocolate Korn.

Ye Olde Kettle Corn Cooker®                           Award                                IISF “Most Unique” Award

Amusement Theme Parks




 Silver Dollar City – Missouri
   Hershey Park -Pennsylvania
 Knoebels Grove – Minnesota4
  Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
Waldameer Park – Pennsylvania
Valley Fair – Minnesota

The Ye Olde Kettle® Korn Store

Farming for Humanity has chosen the Ye Olde Kettle Korn® mobile store as the “best source of perpetual funding”.  As a mobile unit, we can move to different locations while deciding when and where (narrow down the locations) to establish a permanent storefront operation.

Farming for Humanity has contracted to purchase one Ye Olde Kettle Korn® mobile store  (complete equipment package); in the amount of $62,500.  Farming for Humanity will operate the Ye Olde Kettle Korn® mobile store for the purpose of funding their local outreach garden education center.


All proceeds from the popcorn sales, less cost of product sold and associated expenses, will go to the support and maintenance of the centers.

Funding for our Ye Olde Kettle Korn® mobile stores comes from generous and concerned local merchants, foundations and individual donors; such as yourself.

All funding and donations are tax deductible.

In appreciation for all funding, supporters will receive free kettle korn and free garden books, based on the amount of each donors support; when the mobile store is in operation. 

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