Root Zone Feeding

Root Zone Feeding (RZF), developed by Humate Technologies Inc., is a proprietary organic humate based fertilizer program that specifically addresses the feeding of the individual plant.   It does not feed any area but the plant’s immediate growing zone at the depth where the plant’s roots take in nutrients.

The object of Root Zone Feeding is to create a complete feeding zone, in and around the plant’s roots, by placing the custom humate and mineral plant tablets in an evenly spread pattern within the plants drip zone (between the trunk and the drip line), at a specified depth in the ground.  Root zone feeding is a “NO-TILL” application, and no-till agriculture has gained increased acceptance in recent years as being a far better, more environmentally friendly, practice.

Organic Humate base plant food tablets, coupled with our root zone feeding “no-till” practice of agriculture, has numerous “green” benefits:

  • Reduces water requirements by up to 57%, equivalent to 2” to 3” of rain on the average crop, due to increased moisture holding capacity
  • Eliminates erosion through No-till application
  • Feeds the plants directly, within the root zone, making a more efficient use of the nutrients
  • Speeds up the nutrient availability to the plant, rather than waiting on watering to leach the nutrients down to the root zone
  • Creates an organically enhanced environment within the root zone, encouraging soil building beneficial microbes and earthworms to return
  • Eliminates nutrient dissipation into the air
  • Eliminates waste by focusing the feeding to the desired plant(s)
  • Eliminates river/lake contamination from excessive nutrient runoff
  • Reduces and/or eliminates excessive nutrient leaching to the ground water aquifer
  • Promotes synergism rather than inefficiency inherent in chemical NPK fertilizers
  • No-till farming stores 0.4 to 0.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per acre per year
  • Humate based plant food tablets can be formulated to feed up to 18 months, reducing fertilizer applications and the associated costs of subsequent applications i.e. labor, fuel, emissions, carbon footprint, etc.
  • Increases crop production, nutrient value, flavor and sugar content
  • The humate based tablets have an indefinite shelf life, and will not lose their potency
  • The humate based tablets, along with the no-till root zone feeding program, can be utilized successfully anywhere in the world

Root Zone Feeding is recommended for house plants, gardens, vegetables, trees, shrubs, flower boxes, flower gardens and can be used in commercial orchards, tree farms and plantations where labor is abundant and product cost is a factor; which is ideal for the Co-op Garden & Farming Program, particularly in developing nations.

Humate Technologies Inc. has donated to Farming For Humanity, the exclusive use of their technology and Co-op Garden & Farming Program; towards the goal of eliminating world hunger.

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