The nucleus of the FFH Happy Plant Gardener™ Program is organic humate based, micronutrient rich, fertilizers and soil conditioner products researched and developed by Humate Technologies Inc. and The Humate Research Institute, between the years 1968-2009 (40+ years), with research and product development continuing today.  With the collaboration of chemists, agronomists, and pioneers such as Dr. T.L. Senn of Clemson University, they also developed the Root Zone Feeding™ (RZF) Program, which focuses the plant food nutrients within the root zone of the plant, as opposed to broadcast fertilization that wastes fertilizer and feeds weeds, etc.   The focus of the program is to feed a plant a combination of natural nutrients in the plant’s very own root zone, correct soil deficiencies and maintain fertile soil, support beneficial bio-life within the soil, and reduce watering requirements; with the end result of producing abundant, healthy, nutrient rich plants. Click here for Information on Root Zone Feeding.

The initial project goal was to maintain soil fertility, nutrient balance and bio-life in a confined container, growing tray or small areas in the ground; whereby plants could be grown continuously in a healthy nutrient rich soil without depleting the soil to the point it would no longer produce healthy plants, as is the norm when using chemical fertilizers.  It is an established fact that farming “mines the soil”, and unless nutrients are replaced the soil becomes deficient and non-productive.   By perfecting a method to keep the soil fertile and alive, we can produce nutritious food in containers, growing trays, green houses, home gardens, or empty buildings, without the need to change the soil, resulting in a significant economic savings.  This same method can be carried to outside gardens and larger farms, growing nutrient rich crops while concurrently improving soil fertility.

The research resulted in a powerful concentrated 3-gram slow-feed tablet, derived from nutrient rich virgin humates, that is placed directly within the plant’s root zone.  The tablet slowly feeds at the rate of 1/8 of the tablet per 30 days.  Some plants require multiple tablets as they mature, i.e. a mature citrus, avocado or nut tree.  The tablet feeds from seed to harvest and the plant’s root zone stays rich in nutrients, bio-life and organic matter whereby a continuously bearing plant can thrive, or multiple crops can be planted in the same soil without need to replace it.  This concentrated 3-gram tablet is ideal for “vertical farming” food production in buildings, all outdoor gardening and farming, all indoor plants, and great for “no till” farming.

The most effective way to feed a plant is directly in the plant’s root zone with organic based nutrient rich fertilizer plant tablets.  This non-till method eliminates waste and leaching, is non-toxic, promotes a natural slow full term feeding, and is very labor efficient.  This system works on approximately 92% of food crops, trees and vines.  The other 8% of food production, like wheat, rice, oats, and pastures require broadcast type applications; whereas these same organic humate nutrient rich formulas can be processed into broadcast type pelletized fertilizers, which can be shipped bulk, or bagged and palletized.  These specialty products are applied at equivalent application rates, and cost, per 1,000 sq. ft., or acre, as typically recommended chemical fertilizers, for the same crop, soil conditions, climate, etc.  Cost averages 5% less than chemical NPK fertilizer, even though these organic base fertilizers can provide up to 70+ beneficial micronutrients that add significant value.  The granulated or pelletized form of these organic humate based fertilizers are non-corrosive and use the same transportation, handling, storage, and spreading equipment as is readily available in the market place, requiring no special handling.

Growing food crops requires the same basic ingredients throughout the world; nutrient rich soil, water, and sunshine.  Conditions throughout the world differ however, in one or all of these requirements.  Soils throughout the world can be very different in the following ways: extremely deficient in plant nutrients, high clay content, sandy, low organic matter, different pH, etc.  Others have limited moisture or have been destroyed with use of toxic chemicals.  Years of research show virgin humate formulas can address these different soils by increasing organic matter, micronutrients, and beneficial bio-life; correcting toxic problems and isolating salts, oils and other issues that stunt or restrict growth.

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