Potatoes: Kansas City, MO

Happy Plant® 1-1-1 Plant Food Tablets vs. Chemical 13-13-13 Fertilizer

These plants were grown utilizing organic humate and nutrient based Happy Plant® tablets and the Farming For Humanity Foundation Centers Root Zone Feeding program.

The potatoes were planted in two separate rows, with the front row being planted with Happy Plant®

1-1-1 3-gram tablets, and the back row planted with 13-13-13 chemical fertilizer.

The plants were examined and measured 3-weeks after planting, with photos taken to document the difference in height and overall plant development.  The front row (Happy Plant) measured 10″ to 12″ in height on average, and full of flowers; whereas the back row (chemical fertilizer) measured 3″ to 4″ in height with minimal flowering.

This garden was grown by a “home gardener”, whom grows a garden every year; with potatoes as one of his main crops.  He stated that “he has never grown such an amazing crop, as he had with the Happy Plant tablets, and the potatoes were the best he had ever eaten.”

Potatoes with Chemical Fertilizer 13-13-13

Chemical Fertilizer 13-13-13

Potatoes with Happy Plant® 1-1-1 Plant Food Tablets

Happy Plant® 1-1-1 Plant Food Tablets

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