Papaya: Mali, Africa

Happy Plant® 1-1-1 Plant Food Tablets

Yeah Samake, mayor of 44 villages in the country of Mali, Africa, conducted a small research project on five (5) Papaya plants; in accordance with Farming For Humanity Foundations Co-op Garden program, using Humate Technologies Happy Plant 1-1-1 3-gram plant food tablets.  Mr. Samake inserted tablets into the root zone of two (2) of the papaya plants, per Humate Technologies Root Zone Feeding program, leaving three (3) plants unfertilized as a control to compare the fertilized against the unfertilized.  The number of tablets varied per plant:

  • 3 papaya plants received zero (0) tablets
  • 1 papaya plant received one (1) tablet
  • 1 papaya plant received five (5) tablets

All plants were watered equally and subject to the same weather conditions throughout the growing season.  The following are the results at harvest:

  • The papaya plants that received no tablets produced no fruit
  • The papaya plant that received one (1) tablet produced two (2) papaya fruit
  • The papaya plant that received five (5) tablets produced forty five (45) papaya fruit (see photo)

Comments: Mr. Samake said the Minister of Agriculture, the head of the university agriculture department, and he himself had never seen a papaya plant produce 45 fruit in their entire life; in fact they had never heard of a papaya plant producing this much fruit anywhere in their country.  Normal harvest is 1 to 3 papaya fruit per plant.

In our opinion, without actually doing soil tests, it appears the soil is extremely poor (severely depleted); deficient in nutrients whereby the Happy Plant tablets corrected these deficiencies, at the root zone level, directly feeding the plant and producing an abundant harvest.

Papaya with No Food Tablets

With No Food Tablets

Papaya with Five (5) Happy Plant 1-1-1 3-gram Plant Food Tablets

Five (5) Happy Plant 1-1-1 3-gram Plant Food Tablets

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