What We Do

“When we come home to Nature, we rediscover our own Nature” 

We provide an educational program know at the “Happy Plant Gardener™ Program”, an easy and exciting gardening program that will guarantee you mineral rich fruits and vegetables. We provide this program at our Centers, for school gardens, community and home gardens. We also provide seeds, fertilizer, books, and garden supplies; free through the generous support of local merchants, people and the “Ye Olde Kettle® Korn Store”; a very unique “perpetual” partial funding program.

Addressing America’s hunger – the issues, the facts, the solutions:

The issue: Children, seniors and adults are going hungry here at home in the United States of America.

The Facts: Food distribution has not worked because we are addressing the cause not the solution.

The solution: Families, communities, and cities must create their own food security.

The Happy Plant Gardener™ program has proven to be the superior sustainable agriculture local gardening and farming system among all the programs we have studied. It is by far the simplest program for raising locally grown food by amateur gardeners or professional growers: a fool proof way that works every time. It has been tested throughout the world.

The heart of the program is in the concentrated organic humate base, 70+ minerals, slow-release, plant food tablet. The Happy Plant® tablet requires no special tools, has indefinite shelf life, is safe for all animal and plant life (including beneficial bio-life), is non-toxic and non-contaminate: and stays in the root zone from seed to harvest.

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